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Getting married abroad - Certificate of no impediment

The Embassy in London can in some cases issue a certificate of no impediment for Swedish citizens living in the United Kingdom whom are getting married in a third country, including Scotland.

The following documents is required in order for the Embassy to process your application for a no impediment. 

  1. Complete the application form “Ansökan och försäkring om hindersprövning”, download the form here. 
  2. A ‘Population Registration Certificate’ from the Swedish population register, which shows that you were not married at the time you moved from Sweden to UK/ abroad, please find more information here. The Extract must not be older than three months.
  3. The 'No trace of marriage certificate', if you registered your move from Sweden to UK over 12 months ago. The certificate is issued by the General Register Office in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. In Scotland the certificate is issued by National Records. The certificate is issued to non British citizen's.
  4. Copies of both spouses’ valid passports. The copies must be certified by two witnesses that have seen the original and that resides in the UK. It may be the same two witnesses for both passports. Certify the copies with signature, printed name, telephone number, home address and email.
  5. Copy of a gas-, electric-, or water bill alternatively a bank statement which shows at least one spouse’s name and address.
  6. If one, or both spouses has previously been married, it is required to provide proof that your previous marriage has been dissolved, i.e. extract from the population register or a copy of your court order/ decree absolute.  If one or both spouses has become a widow/ widower it’s required to provide a copy of the death certificate.

The fee for the application is £18. The Embassy no longer accept cheques. Please provide your telephone number so we can call you regarding payment. You may also submit the documents to the embassy during the receptions opening hours and may then pay using bank card. You can find the embassy’s opening hours and postal address here.

The processing time at the embassy is normally two weeks from the day we receive a complete application. If impediments to the marriage cannot be found, the embassy will issue the certificate. The certificate is valid for four months from the day of issue.