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Strategy for reform cooperation for 2021–2027

The Strategy for Sweden’s reform cooperation with Eastern Europe for 2021–2027 is a long-term framework which guides our assistance in support of reform agenda and promotion of sustainable and democratic developments, with a multi-dimensional poverty focus. The reform cooperation is well aligned with the priorities identified in the National Development Strategy, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and in EU’s Eastern Partnership policy beyond 2020.

Sweden’s bilateral assistance to the Republic of Moldova, totaled at EUR 12 million in 2021.  For 2022 and beyond, the bilateral support is estimated at EUR 15 million annually.

Through bilateral reform cooperation, Sweden is primarily partnering with civil society organisations and multilateral entities and in 2022 is supporting close to 40 projects across Moldova.

The seven-year strategy outlines four main objectives, namely:

  1. Human rights, democracy, the rule of law and gender equality, which aims as:
  • Better democratic governance and respect for human rights and the rule of law
  • Better conditions for accountability, increased transparency and reduced corruption
  • Better prospects for a gender-equal society


  1. Peaceful and inclusive societies, which aims as:
  • Better conditions for inclusive reconciliation processes and conflict and violence prevention efforts


  1. Environmentally and climate-resilient sustainable development and sustainable use of natural resources, which aims as:
  • Better conditions for reduced environmental impact, sustainable management and use of natural resources, and protection, conservation and restoration of biodiversity and its ecosystems
  • Reduced climate impact, including increased access to renewable energy and higher energy efficiency
  • Better adaptability and strengthened resilience to climate change and environmental and natural disasters


  1. Inclusive economic development, which aims as:
  • Improved opportunities for productive employment and decent work
  • Improved livelihood opportunities for groups that are excluded or discriminated against
  • Strengthened conditions for free, fair and sustainable trade


The Swedish bilateral reform cooperation is complemented by regional programmes and cooperation through other channels such as Swedish Institute. Through Openaid, you can find all Swedish support globally as well as by country, including Republic of Moldova.

Last updated 11 Mar 2022, 10.21 PM