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Development cooperation with the Republic of Moldova

The Swedish Government has decided on a long-term commitment for continued support to Eastern Partnership countries through “Results Strategy for Reform Cooperation with Eastern Europe, Western Balkans and Turkey 2014-2020” . The main aim for the results strategy is to assist these countries forge closer links with the EU.  

The strategy has a clear focus on reforms and on results. The strategy is not based on sectors but rather it outlines a set of results of reforms, which are crucial for long-term EU-integration, that Sweden would like to contribute to. You find the whole strategy here.

The results strategy includes three main results areas for cooperation with Moldova:

1. Enhanced economic integration with the EU and development of market economy

2. Strengthened democracy, greater respect for human rights and a more fully developed state under the rule of law,

3. A better environment, reduced climate change and enhanced resilience to environmental impact and climate change a set of expected results within all results areas.

Moldova is a priority country for Sweden, and the Swedish support will amount to 10 million Euros annually. The focus areas will be on where Sweden most effectively can provide support for sustainable reforms. The aim should be to cover all parts of Moldova, including the Transnistrian and the Gagauzian regions.

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