Request of Swedish coordination number

Newborn children and persons who have never held a Swedish passport, national identity card or been registered in Sweden must obtain a coordination number before it is possible to apply for a Swedish passport or national identity card. If the guardians of a newborn child have not registered the child’s name, this is done at the same time.

If you have already received a coordination number before, new rules from 18 June 2021 apply.

After 18 June 2021, a coordination number has different status:



A coordination number will be declared suspended at the end of the fifth calendar year if no notification or application for renewal has been received by the Swedish Tax Agency.

If you have a valid passport, it is valid until the last day of validity, even if a coordination number is declared suspended. When you apply for a new passport, the responsible passport authority will request a renewal of the coordination number.

For information about the status of your coordination number and when it is declared dormant, contact the Swedish Tax Agency, which is the responsible authority.

If you have a coordination number and change your contact address, you must report a new address to the  Swedish Tax Agency. It can be either an address in Sweden or an address in another country, but not both.

You also need to notify the Swedish Tax Agency if you change personal information such as name or citizenship.

More about coordination numbers can be found on the Swedish Tax Agency's website.

Apply for a Swedish passport for children born abroad

At a Swedish embassy or consulate general abroad that is a passport authority, you as a guardian can apply for a passport for the child. This applies if the child is a Swedish citizen. You do not need to register the child with the Swedish Tax Agency before you apply for a passport. If the child is not registered with the Swedish Tax Agency, this is normally done in connection with the passport application.

Name registration at the Swedish Tax Agency

In order for the passport authority to be able to issue passports, a child born abroad must receive a coordination number. Coordination number is an identity designation for persons who are not or have not been registered in Sweden. The purpose of the coordination number is for authorities and other social functions to be able to identify people even if they are not registered in Sweden.

It is the passport authority that orders a coordination number. You can not order the coordination number for your child yourself. The passport authority may only request coordination numbers for Swedish citizens.

Passport application takes place in two steps:

  1. The passport application begins with the passport authority ensuring that the child is a Swedish citizen. Thereafter, the passport authority requests a coordination number from the Swedish Tax Agency, which is the authority that decides on the coordination number.
  2. Once the decision on the coordination number has been received, it is time to book a time to complete the passport application, when photo is taken and payment of the passport application is made.

The child must come to the passport authority together with the guardians. The following is required for requisitioning of a coordination number:

  • Original birth certificate must be presented. The birth certificate must be issued by a competent authority in the country of birth and contain information about the child's name, date of birth, place of birth and parents.
  • Parents' marriage certificate, if they were married when the child was born.
  • Passport, for the parents and for the child (if the child has a passport)
  • Childbirth certificate or pregnancy certificate from the hospital.
  • Confirmation of paternity (if the parents are not married to each other when the child is born)
  • If the parents are not both Swedish citizens, the embassy in Nicosia requires that the Swedish parent be present at the time of application. If only this parent submits the application, he / she must bring the other person's passport or valid photo ID (original or certified copy).

Please note that for the Embassy to submit a request for a coordination number for children born in the northern part of Cyprus, the following documents must have been issued in English or officially translated into English: Childbirth or Pregnancy Certificate, Confirmation of Paternity and Birth Certificate. Furthermore, the Confirmation of Paternity and the Birth Certificate must have been approved and re-issued by the authorities in the Republic of Cyprus. The process is therefore more complicated and time-consuming.