Passport application for children under 18 in Cyprus

When applying for a passport for a child under 18 , the following is required:

  • The child must have a coordination number before an application for a passport or national ID card can be made.
  • The child must come to the embassy / consulate general together with their guardians.
  • If the child has only one guardian, this must be proven by a certificate or a final court decision. If only one of the guardians can accompany the child, the other guardian's written consent form must be submitted.
  • The form "Information for examination of Swedish citizenship" filled in.
  • The parents must prove their identity with a passport or valid photo ID.
  • Swedish parents who have emigrated from Sweden must present a residence permit in the country of residence. In Cyprus, this is the registration certificate for EU citizens.
  • Proof of birth for the child must be presented, as well as a decision on the child's name and coordination number.
  • For applicants who have not become Swedish citizens at birth, proof of Swedish citizenship will be requested.
  • The fee for the passport, corresponding to SEK 1,600 in local currency, is paid by debit card or cash in EUR at the embassy.
  • If you wish to receive the passport at another Swedish Embassy or Consulate, you must inform the officer before the application process is commenced.

Note! All documents must be original documents.

Passport collection:

Passport and national ID card must be collected in person by one of the child's guardians, power of attorney does not apply. The guardian should be able to identify himself with a valid ID document. Bring an application receipt. If the passport application has been made in Sweden, a fee corresponding to SEK 200 in local currency applies and can be paid in cash or by card at the embassy.