Financial distress

If you need to transfer money from Sweden

It is fast and easy to transfer money from Sweden via, for example, Western Union or MoneyGram (available at Forex). A relative or friend pays the amount you need, plus a fee, to one of these companies' representatives in Sweden. Shortly thereafter you can withdraw the money from an agent in the country you are in. Representatives and agents can be found in shops, tobacconists, hotels and exchange offices. They are easy to find and often have long opening hours.

You can also receive help to transfer money from your own account via the embassy. In such cases, you will have to pay a fee to both the bank and the MFA.

If you are in distress and need money to travel home, have no funds in your bank account and your close relatives or friends cannot transfer money to you, you can receive help from the MFA. You provide information on referees who the MFA can contact and who can pay the amount you need, plus a statutory fee, to the MFA. The money will then be paid out by the embassy in cash in local currency or as a ticket home purchased by the embassy.

If you require a temporary loan

If you find yourself in distress through no fault of your own and neither you nor your stated referees can resolve the problem financially, it is possible in certain cases to receive a temporary loan from a Swedish embassy for travel home. You must have taken reasonable precautionary measures prior to departure from Sweden (for example, have a return ticket, insurance cover, money for living expenses). If you are granted a loan, it must be repaid, along with an MFA fee, within one month of receiving the bill from the MFA. The fee is SEK 600.

Financial aid within the Nordic region

In the Nordic region, the Nordic Convention on Social Assistance and Social Services applies. This means that anyone who is temporarily staying in another Nordic country and requires immediate social assistance and social services will receive appropriate support as provided for under that country's legislation.

If you need financial help, you should therefore contact the emergency social services team in the Nordic town or city you are in.

Last updated 08 Jan 2018, 14.45