Kronlids Mekaniska to Hanoi

09 May 2018, 8.00 PM - 10 May 2018, 11.00 PM

From a small inland village in the north of Sweden to densely populated Hanoi in Vietnam. Kronlids Mekaniska celebrates their debut album with a tour starting in Stockholm, proceeding to the outbacks of the north of Sweden to finish in Vietnam in May.

The five musicians - David O. Kronlid, Christer Falk, Roberto Romboni, Björn Eriksson and Charlie Falk - in Kronlids Mekaniska have experience of Swedish visa, punk, contemporary indie, jazz and folk rock. Now they are taking their music to a darker country.

Kronlid’s Mekaniska is now visiting Hanoi as a Duo with their personal and musically sad stories. Together, the guitarist, singer and song writer David O. Kronlid and pianist and saxophonist Christer Falk create a suggestive mood in a borderland between hope and sadness. The Hanoi audience is invited to an evening with Nordic Melancholy.

WED 9 May 10:30 pm
Polygon Music, 36 Cát Linh, Đống Đa, Ha Noi

THU 10 May 9:15 pm
Hanoi Rock City, 27/52 Tô Ngọc Vân, Tây Hồ Tay Ho

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