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Consulate-GeneralNew York, USA

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The Swedish Residence on Park Avenue

The official Swedish residence in New York is located at 600 Park Avenue, at the corner of Park Avenue and East 64th Street in Manhattan. It was purchased by the Swedish government in 1946 and has since been the home of the Swedish Consuls General and a few of the Swedish Ambassadors to the United Nations.

The house was built in 1911 as a single-family home in the style of British-influenced Italian Renaissance. It is situated in a historic landmark district and therefore listed as protected.

The residence is of vital importance to the work carried out by the Consulate General. The parts used for official functions include a dining room, a drawing room and a foyer on the ground floor, as well as a library and smaller dining room on the second floor. Here, the Consulate General organizes many types of events aimed at promoting Sweden and Swedish interests, including  panel discussions, seminars, networking receptions, luncheons and dinners.

Sustainability is a priority for the work at the residence. This includes using local and organic produce, recycling, as well as reducing water, waste and energy.

It is currently the residence of Consul General Camilla Mellander, and has two full-time employees; House Manager Joanne Reyes and Executive Chef Simon Richtman.

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