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Privacy Policy for Social Media Accounts

Information published on the Consulate General’s social media accounts is visible to other users. Posts and comments, as well as private/direct messages, are official documents in accordance with Sweden's principle of public access to official documents.

The information published on the Consulate General's accounts, both by us and by other users, is archived or kept for a certain time.

On the Consulate General’s accounts, users can leave comments. Users are encouraged to maintain a civil tone. Users are not allowed to publish posts or comments that:
• are agitation, racial agitation, child pornography, unlawful depiction of violence or violation of copyrights or other similar rights
• contain violation of rights concerning personal information or that in other ways violate Swedish law
• are not relevant to the subject, e.g. marketing or spam or
• do not maintain a good tone, e.g. diminishing comments or comments including coarse language

Posts or comments that violate these rules may be deleted from the Consulate General’s accounts. People who violate the rules may also be blocked.

Last updated 24 May 2018, 3.42 PM