Information about Covid-19 treatment in Sweden

26 Apr 2020

Everyone who seeks medical attention in Sweden with symptoms of COVID-19 is medically assessed at a hospital or other health care facility. The vast majority of those who are found to have COVID-19 do not require hospital treatment and some are cared for at home so as to avoid spreading the virus in hospitals as far as possible. Those who need hospital treatment receive it, and those who are seriously ill receive intensive care.

Under Swedish law, there is equal access to the health and medical care system in Sweden, and care is given according to need. Factors such as gender, age, where a person lives, functional capacity, education, social status, ethnic or religious group or sexual orientation play no part. Everyone is entitled to the same health and medical care.

Advice on COVID-19 given by the Swedish health and medical care system is available in English here:

Last updated 26 Apr 2020, 8.20 PM