Neue Schwedische Filme: ”RUN UJE RUN” at Cinématte, Bern (24 + 29 Oct.)

24 Oct 2021

A touching film about how life takes turns you couldn’t fantasize about when you get a disease diagnosis. About what you have to catch up with before you die. And what you don’t have to do. And about the very ordinary, dreary, gray but also lovely everyday.

Suddenly Parkinson's: Uje Brandelius, singer of the Stockholm pop group Doktor Kosmos, plays himself in this Swedish comedy that won the main prize at the Guldbagge Awards.

Uje is in his mid-40s and leads a life that many dream of, when he is diagnosed with Parkinson's. Uje Brandelius autobiographical story is interwoven with pop music about life and everyday life. Uje and his family play themselves in a movie that takes place during a couple of summer weeks in the Stockholm suburb of Bredäng.

Cinematte, Bern
Premiere: Sun. October 24th (18:30)
Fri. October 29th (21:00)

Tickets and more info here
Swedish with German subtitles, 1h17


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