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Embassy of SwedenBern, Switzerland

Local time 12:55 PM

Christian Kjellvander in Bern (14 Feb.) + Zurich (15 Feb.)

14 Feb 2019

Christian Kjellvander's songs are carried by his wondrous voice, with echoes of Leonard Cohen, Neil Young and David Sylvian, yet distinctively his own.

The Swedish singer-songwriter embraces the foreign, the unknown and seeks out the most profound sense of humanity. His latest album is called “Wild Hxmans”. Through seven raw, compelling songs between folk, blues, Americana and free jazz, the 42-year-old speaks to us of farewells and departures, of escape and the sensation of arriving in a new world. Soon live to be seen and heard:

Feb.: ISC, Bern
15 Feb.: Bogen F, Zürich

Video “Faux Guernica”:

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