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The following staff work at the Embassy of Sweden in Khartoum:

Environment/Climate, Agriculture, Sustainable Resource Management

Hans Henric Lundqvist
Ambassador and Head of Mission
The Ambassador is also accredited to Juba, South Sudan

Section for Development Co-operation and Humanitarian Assistance

Anna Saleem Högberg 
Counsellor and Deputy Head of Mission
Head of Development Cooperation

Susanne Mannberg
First Secretary
Democracy/Human Rights and Gender Equality

Mohad Aruqi
First Secretary
Resilience, Sudan and South Sudan

Kajsa Nyerere
First Secretary

Maali Babiker
National Programme Officer
Environment/Climate, Renewable Energy

Filip Hellberg
National Programme Officer
Sustainable Peace

Linda Said
Administrative Assistant
International Training Programmes

Section for Political and Economic Affairs

Muzna Alhaj 
Assisting Political Officer

Migration Section

Peter Holgersson
Second Secretary
Head of Migration

Dalia Edris
Migration Officer

Yohana Zemlu
Migration Officer

Milka Yousif
Migration Officer

Nada Osman
Migration Officer

Mayada AbedallaMigration Officer

Section for Administration and Consular Affairs

Charlotta Cop 
First Secretary 
Head of Administration

Linn Lingvide
Third Secretary

Nafiesa Lutfi

Abdelazim Yousif
Logistics Officer

Mohanned Hamza
Logistics/Administrative Officer

David Hakim

Abdallah Mohamed Nour

Mubarak Saeed
Driver /Administrative Assistant

Ali Idress

Sebit Nyawelo

Alexander Siele

Defence Office

Tor Bengtsson
Lieutenant Colonel 
Defence Attaché based in Addis Ababa

The Embassy Office in Juba of the Embassy of Sweden in Khartoum

Urban Sjöström
Minister Counsellor
Head of Office

Hanna Carlsson
First Secretary
Development Cooperation and Humanitarian Assistance

Foda Michael
National Programme Officer

David Alison
Administrative Officer

Rose Jackson
Administrative Assistant

Franco Festo

Peter Oola

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