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Life Certificates/Pensions

If you are living abroad and receive pension from Sweden you will get a life certificate sent to you annually from the Swedish authorities. This certificate is intended to be used by Swedes and other nationals receiving pensions living abroad to prove for instance to the Swedish Pensions Agency that you still are alive.

If you have received a life certificate, you will need to visit a Swedish Embassy or a Consulate to get the certificate endorsed.

  • Applicants for life certificates/pension must come in person with the forms received from Sweden and a valid government-issued ID (e.i. passport, driver's license, unified ID and the like)
  • For life certificates, the Embassy will forward the completed and signed forms together with a copy of the applicant’s ID to the appropriate office in Sweden. You can read more about life certificates on the website of the Swedish Pension Agency. 
  • Relatives of pensioners may also receive the form "survivor's pension/survivor life annuity" which needs to be endorsed by the Embassy. The applicant is responsible to send these forms to their respective pension agency in Sweden.
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