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OECD takes first step in accession discussions with Argentina, Brazil, Bulgaria, Croatia, Peru and Romania

26 Jan 2022

The OECD Council decided on 25 January to open accession discussions with six candidates to OECD Membership – Argentina, Brazil, Bulgaria, Croatia, Peru and Romania.

This follows careful deliberation by OECD Members on the basis of its evidence based Framework for Consideration of Prospective Members and the progress made by the six countries since their first respective requests for OECD membership.

Individual roadmaps for the detailed assessment process will now be prepared provided those countries confirm their adherence to the values, vision and priorities reflected in the OECD’s 60th Anniversary Vision Statement and the Ministerial Council Statement adopted last year.

These documents reaffirm the goals of the OECD’s founding Convention, to which new Members must accede, and set out the values shared by OECD Members, including the preservation of individual liberty, the values of democracy, the rule of law and the protection of human rights, and the value of open, trading, competitive, sustainable and transparent market economies. They also refer to OECD Members’ commitment to promote sustainable and inclusive economic growth and their goals to tackle climate change, including halting and reversing biodiversity loss and deforestation.

Read more on the website of the OECD.

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