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Embassy of SwedenOslo, Norway

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About us

Welcome to the Embassy of Sweden in Norway

The Embassy is the formal communication link between the Swedish and the Norwegian governments. The Ambassador heads the Embassy and is the official representative to Norway of the Swedish Government. We monitor and report back to the Swedish government on political, economic and financial events and developments in Norway that are of relevance for our bilateral relations.  

Ambassador Mikael Eriksson is Head of Mission since 25 April 2024.

Another important task for the Embassy is to promote all aspects of Sweden in Norway, including culture and trade. We work closely together with other Swedish organisations present in Norway, e.g. Business Sweden, Visit Sweden, Voksenåsen and the Swedish Church. We publish news and information, including Swedish-related activities in Norway, on our website as well as on Facebook (Embassy of Sweden in Norway) and Instagram (swedeninnorway).

If you have questions, please contact us at + 47 24 11 42 00 or email Check our website and social media channels for news and other useful information.

Last updated 23 May 2024, 12.06 PM