Embassy Staff

The following people are currently working at the Embassy of Sweden in Skopje, North Macedonia:

H.E. Ms Ami Larsson Jain

Politics, Press and Promotion

Ms Bibi Gramson
First Secretary
Deputy Head of Mission

Ms Jana Gjorgjinska
Communication and Cultural Affairs Officer

Mr Noé Persson Mazza

Development cooperation

Mr Mikael Atterhög
Head of Development cooperation

Ylva Johnson
Second Secretary
Programme Specialist

Ms Biljana Dzartova-Petrovska
Senior Program Manager
Development Cooperation

Mr Ivan Petrovski
National Programme Officer and Programme Administrator
Development Cooperation

Administration and consular affairs

Ms Cristina Kvist 
Head of Administration

Mr Peter Ilbäck
Third Secretary
Administration and Consular Officer

Ms Irena Jovcheska
Secretary to the Ambassador

Ms Ana Josifovska
Receptionist/Consular Assistant (parental leave)

Ms Ilirjana Shukriu-Shurlani
Receptionist/Consular Assistant

Ms Jenny Zivkovic
Cashier/Administrative Assistant

Mr Nenad Bozovic
Driver/Administrative Assistant


Ms Irena Nikolova
First Secretary
Head of Migration Section

Ms Josefin Eriksson
Second Secretary
Migration Officer

Mr Fidan Elezi
Migration Assistant

Ms Zhaklina Gligorovski
Migration Assistant

Mr Mentor Kadriu
Migration/Administrative Assistant

Mr Faredin Aeti
Migration Assistant

Last updated 16 Mar 2023, 2.45 PM