About us

The Swedish Embassy in Maputo is an integrated authority, which means that the embassy not only monitors Swedish interests in Mozambique but also manages Sweden's development cooperation with the country.

The embassy's information can be briefly summarized as follows:

  • To create the best possible conditions for the government to implement its policy within the Ministry of Foreign Affairs' broad area of ​​responsibility.
  • To analyze developments in our surrounding world and formulate action plans for foreign policy stands and activities.
  • To promote Swedish interests abroad, in all sectors of society.
  • To plan and lead the use of resources for development cooperation in accordance with the development policy objectives.
  • To be responsible for guidelines, budget and governance of administrative authorities within the Ministry of Foreign Affairs' area of ​​responsibility.

Within this framework, there are a number of assignments for the Foreign Service. These can be briefly summarized as follows:

  • To represent Sweden and maintain its relations with the country where the mission is or is accredited, in this case Mozambique, Madagascar and Eswatini.
  • To represent Sweden in a number of multilateral bodies.
  • To follow developments on site in a number of areas, as well as report and analyze the events in reports to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or other principals.
  • To ensure that the government's decision is implemented on the spot.
  • To contribute to increased growth and employment in Sweden through Sweden-promoting activities and by disseminating information about Sweden.
  • To participate in Swedish international development cooperation.
    To promote Sweden's scientific and cultural exchange with foreign countries.
  • To provide consular service to Swedes and some other groups.
    To handle passport, visa and permit matters.

The embassy will thus represent and assist the whole of Sweden and all its sectors of society. This includes, among other things, being the extended arm for the entire Government Offices. Work will also be carried out for a number of other bodies such as the Swedish Migration Board, Business Sweden and Sida.

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