Swedish cooking at the Embassy in Vilnius


Daiva Leonavičienė is chef in the Swedish residence and prepares all the representational meals at the embassy. Daiva has been working at the embassy for almost 20 years and is well versed in traditional Swedish cooking.

Swedish and Lithuanian cuisine is rather similar; potatoes and meat are important parts, but also are the ingredients found in the forests such as mushrooms and berries.

–During early autumn we preserve big quantities of mushrooms that last for the whole year, says Daiva.

When the embassy staff travels from Sweden, they usually bring some hard-to-find ingredients back to Daiva. The Swedish anchovies and elderflowers are much appreciated contribution to the kitchen.

-My favourite Swedish ingredient is the Västerbotten-cheese, says Daiva without hesitation, while she lays the final hand on today’s main course. Bon appétit!

Last updated 18 May 2018, 9.51 AM