How do I apply for a passport?

You must make an appointment by email to to apply for an Emergency passport.

Please note that the embassy in Beirut does not accept applications for the ordinary passports. The embassy can only issue the A 4 emergency passport and it is valid for specific imminent (within 2-3 days) journey. Validity varies depending on circumstences but maximum validity is 7 months. You must show a valid ticket.  You can apply for an ordinary passport and ID card at a passport authority in Sweden, and at most Swedish missions abroad. After application, it is possible to pick up the passport or identity card when it's ready at the embassy in Beirut. The embassy charges a fee of 15 USD for each delivery of passport/ID card. 

Requirements for emergency passport application: 

1) Emergency passport application 

2) Four (4) passport sized photos in colour with white background, read more about valid photo ID on

3) Expired Swedish passport, or if the passport has been lost or stolen a copy of the police report and the 'Report of lost passport' The lost/stolen passport will be rendered invalid by the embassy. 

4) Valid identification (e.g. Swedish ID), more information about approved forms of identification  you can find on

5) Personbevis issued within the last 30 days.  

6) Verification of Swedish citizenship, you are abliged to prove your Swedish citizenship every time you apply for your passport. For more information about Swedish citizenship please check the

7) A fee of 1 600 Swedish crowns (SEK). This fee shall be paid in US dollars (USD) according to the current exchange rate. 

8) A reservation of a ticket for your journey to Sweden 

For children under the age of 18 the following additional documents are required: 

9) The child must come to the Embassy with at least one parent/legal guardian but in this case bring valid ID for the absent parent/legal guardian 

10) A custody holder's approval form, signed by both parents and witnessed by two witnesses permanently residing in Lebanon. The witnesses’ signatures and names in block letters as well as their addresses and telephone numbers are required 

11) If the child has only one guardian, we need to see proof of sole custody 

12) If the child was born abroad, a birth certificate stating the names of both parents must be submitted 

13) The parents/legal guardians must prove their own identity by valid passports or valid photo ID

Last updated 13 Jun 2018, 9.57 PM