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Order of a coordination number in Hong Kong

Newborn children and people who have never been in the possession of a Swedish passport, ID card or been registered in Sweden must apply for a coordination number before being able to apply for a Swedish passport or ID card. If the guardians to a newborn child have not registered a name, this will be done at the same time.

If you are a resident in Hong Kong or Macau, you can book an appointment to apply for a coordination number at the Consulate. Times available are on Mondays and Tuesdays.

Please note that the Consulate only requisites a coordination number if you intend to apply for a passport through the Consulate in Hong Kong. If you are planning to apply for a passport in Sweden you should also apply for the coordination number in Sweden through the police or the Swedish Tax Agency. Please observe that only those residing in Hong Kong and Macau can apply for a coordination number through the Consulate. For those residing in Mainland China, coordination numbers are requisitioned at the Swedish Embassy in Beijing.

Apply for a coordination number in Hong Kong

The following documents are required:

(Please note: It is important you fill in the forms clearly)

  1. Fill in and bring the form SKV 7750. Those applying above the age of 18 must fill in the form and sign by themselves. Those above the age of 12 must fill in the form together with their parents.
  2. Fill in and bring the form Verification of Swedish citizenshipPlease note the form must be completed upon arrival at the Consulate. If there are any questions about the form, please ask someone for help.
  3. If address has been changed, fill in and bring the form Samordningsnummer - kontaktadress (SKV 7542).
  4. Birth certificate where the name of both parents is clearly stated.
  5. A so-called Mother and Baby Discharge Summary from the hospital where the baby was born.
  6. The marriage certificate, if they were/are married.
  7. The passports or valid photo identifications of both parents. Swedish parents must show a valid Swedish passport or national ID card.
  8. If you have another citizenship other than the Swedish, a certificate of this must be shown. The passport agency may also in certain cases ask for a certificate showing that one has not become a citizen of countries previously resided in.
  9. NOTE: All documents must be originals*. At least one of the parents must personally be present at the Consulate together with the child. Bring all passports.

Documents in another language than English or Swedish must be translated and confirmed by a notary public.

Process, appointments and handling

You need to book a time at the Consulate to apply for a coordination number. Appointments are booked through emailing or by calling +852 2521 1212. If you have booked a time you are required to bring all documents mentioned above to the Consulate. Please make sure that you have booked a time for applying for a coordination number.

The approximate time for the decision to be made by the Swedish Tax Agency on coordination numbers is 8-10 weeks. Once you have been notified of the decision, you may book an appointment to apply for a passport.

More information about the coordination number is available on the website of the Swedish Tax Agency.

Original documents issued in Hong Kong should have an Apostille Stamp. You can read more about this here: Hong Kong Judiciary - Apostille Service

For the Macau Apostille Stamp form: Apostille-of-the-Hague-Application-Form.pdf (

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