Welcome to the Embassy of Sweden in Addis Ababa

Here you will find our contact information and opening hours, please note that the opening hours is different depending on the nature of service. N.B: The Embassy will be closed on some of the Swedish and Etiopian holidays.


Embassy of Sweden
P. O. Box 1142
Addis Ababa

Visit us

Lideta Sub-City
Woreda 09
House No 891
Addis Ababa


+251 11 518 00 00
+251 11 518 00 00 +251 11 518 00 36


+251 11 518 0030
+251 11 518 00 30 +251 11 518 0040


Our service hours are:

Monday-Thursday 09.00-15.00

Lunch 12.30-13.00

Friday 0900-12.00

The Migration section only receives customers through a pre-booking system. Appointment times are given via e-mail (

There is more information about the specific information requested for scheduling appointment times at the migration pages.

You can also call the section if you have specific questions during telephone hours. 

Telephone hours: Monday-Thursday 08.30-10.00  and 10.30 -11.30 (tel. +251 11 518 00 36).

Consular affairs for Swedish nationals including passport applications, only after appointment. Appointment times are given via e-mail ( 

Information about what documents that are required for applications, can be found on the consular pages.

Telephone hours for booking an appointment and other consular enquiries: Tuesday and Thursday 10-12 (tel. +251 11 518 00 00)

Appointments for passports, co-ordination numbers and other consular affairs are booked on Mondays and Wednesdays between 14:00-16:00.

For urgent consular cases outside the Embassy's working hours you will be redirected to the Consular Emergency Centre in Stockholm, Sweden.

Please note that passport matters are not an emergency.

Opening hours for legalizations and other notary matters;

Tuesday morning 08.30-09.30 and afternoon 15.00-16.00

Thursday morning 08.30-09.30 and afternoon 15.00-16.00

Documents submitted in the morning can be picked up in the afternoon.

Otherwise at the next opening hour.


For urgent out-of-hours consular assistance, you can call the Embassy’s switchboard and follow the instructions. The call will be forwarded to the consular duty officer at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Stockholm.


Official holidays, Embassy of Sweden, Addis Ababa 2019


Official holidays, Embassy of Sweden, Addis Ababa 2020


  • December 24 2019
    Christmas Eve
  • December 25 2019
    Christmas Day
  • December 26 2019
    Boxning Day
  • December 31 2019
    New Year´s Eve
  • January 1 2020
    New Year´s Day
  • January 7 2020
    Ethiopien Christmas