Is my residence permit card ready for pick up?

When you have been granted a residence permit and submitted biometrics, a residence permit card will be produced for you and sent to the Embassy of Sweden. The residence permit card will usually arrive at the Embassy in 2-4 weeks after your application has been granted if you have recorded biometrics.

Please note that this information is only applicable to those looking to collect their residence permit card at the Embassy. For information on visa procedure please see the Visiting Sweden page.

Applicants will be notified through e-mail when their residence permit card has arrived at the Embassy.

Your residence permit card can be collected either by yourself or by someone else with a power of attorney from you during the Embassy's opening hours. If you collect the card by yourself, you will need to bring your passport. If someone else collects the card on your behalf, he/she must bring the power of attorney, his/her ID card in original and/or passport, and a copy of the ID page in your passport. The power of attorney can be submitted in original or printed copies.

For children under the age of 18, one of the child’s legal guardians must either collect the card on the child’s behalf, or write a power of attorney to allow someone else to collect the child’s residence permit card on behalf of the legal guardian. The child’s legal guardian must sign the power of attorney. The following documents must be provided: copies of both the child’s and the legal guardian’s passports, a copy of the child's birth certificate, an official document (copy or original) showing who the legal guardian of the minor is, if someone other than the minor's parent/s.

You can download a template for a power of attorney here.

The Embassy’s opening hours

For more information on the Embassy's opening hours and contact details, see here.

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