The Embassy

Welcome to the Embassy of Sweden in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. In June 1995, at the end of the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), Sweden opened an embassy in Sarajevo, from 1996 with a permanent staff. A new embassy was inaugurated in 1997. Today the Embassy employs 6 Swedish and 13 local staff. The Swedish presence in BiH is a result of a longstanding engagement in the country and in the region. Initially the focus was on assisting BiH after the war but over time it has shifted more towards supporting BiH:s ambitions to become a member of the European Union.

The Swedish staff consists of an Ambassador, a Counsellor and a First Secretary for Development Cooperation, a First Secretary for Administrative and Consular Affairs, a Second Secretary for political and economical questions, media relations, commercial questions and promotion. There is also a Police Liasion Officer with an office at the embassy. Business Sweden has an office in Vienna.

The Embassy lies in a renovated late 19th century building situated at the city's largest central pedestrian street. The premises are shared between the Swedish and the Norwegian embassies.

Embassy priorities
Apart from regular diplomatic and consular matters much emphasis is now placed upon BiH:s integration into the EU.

As one of the largest bilateral donors to BiH, Sweden is focusing its cooperation and development programme on 1) democracy, human rights and gender equality, with a focus on the justice sector and local administration, 2) economic development, especially small and medium-sized enterprises and rural development and 3) sustainable infrastructure, with a focus on an improved municipal environmental infrastructure for water supply, sewage treatment and waste management.  Sweden cooperates with capable Bosnian partners and with other donor countries in order to make the development projects more efficient and to maximise the impact on the development of BiH.

The embassy has an important assignment in developing the bilateral contacts at official as well as personal levels with all segments of BiH society. The embassy observes and reports on developments in BiH, thus providing input to Swedish foreign policy decisions on a bilateral level as well as in the multilateral field, especially in the EU context, but also with regard to the UN and NATO.

During the war in BiH 1992-1995, Sweden offered permanent residence to approximately 60 000 refugees, many of whom still reside in Sweden. This diaspora has the potential to greatly facilitate further bilateral cooperation between BiH and Sweden. It also explains why migration and citizenship issues continue to be of high importance in the daily work of the embassy.

Trade relations between Sweden and BiH as well as Swedish commercial activities in BiH are still relatively low but as the BiH economy is growing, enhanced bilateral exchange and increased commercial activities should be possible.

Nordic Liaison Office
To the Embassy a Nordic Police- and Customs Liaison Office is attached with representatives from the Swedish Police for cooperation with the Law Enforcement Agencies of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The Nordic Liaison Office in Sarajevo covers matters of bilateral cooperation with Bosnia and Herzegovina regarding cross-bordering serious and organised crime on behalf of all 5 Nordic Countries. This is within the framework of the Nordic Police- and Customs Cooperation Programme (PTN).

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