The Embassy

Welcome to the Embassy of Sweden in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. In June 1995, at the end of the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), Sweden opened an embassy in Sarajevo, from 1996 with a permanent staff. A new embassy was inaugurated in 1997. The Swedish presence in BiH is a result of a longstanding engagement in the country and in the region. Initially the focus was on assisting BiH after the war but over time it has shifted more towards supporting BiH:s ambitions to become a member of the European Union.

We are 25 people working at the Embassy; eight posted diplomats and seventeen locally employed. Ambassador Helena Lagerlöf is the Head of Mission.

The Embassy lies in a renovated late 19th century building situated at the city's largest central pedestrian street. The premises are shared between the Swedish and the Norwegian embassies.

Embassy priorities

Apart from regular diplomatic and consular matters, much emphasis is placed on Bosina and Herzegovina’s integration into the EU, both in the political work and through development cooperation.

On behalf of the Swedish Development Cooperation Agency (Sida), the embassy implements development cooperation with Bosnia and Hercegovina within the regional Strategy for Sweden’s reform cooperation with the Western Balkans and Turkey for 2021– 2027. Sweden is one of the largest bilateral donors in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Development cooperation takes place within four support areas:

  • Human rights, democracy, the rule of law and gender equality
  • Peaceful and inclusive societies
  • Environmentally and climate-resilient sustainable development and sustainable use of natural resources
  • Inclusive economic development

Folke Bernadotte Academy (FBA), the Swedish agency for peace, security and development, is also present in the embassy to contribute to peaceful and inclusive societies.

The embassy cooperates with local partner organisations in the civil society, with authorities and institutions, as well as through international and multilateral organisations. Contributions within the development cooperation are often long-term projects or programs aiming to create positive development and sustainable change for Bosnia and Herzegovina. More information about contributions can be found at

The embassy has an important assignment in developing the bilateral contacts at official as well as personal levels with all segments of BiH society. The embassy observes and reports on developments in BiH, thus providing input to Swedish foreign policy decisions on a bilateral level as well as in the multilateral field, especially in the EU context, but also in relation to UN and NATO.

Nordic Liaison Office
To the Embassy a Nordic Police- and Customs Liaison Office is attached with representatives from the Swedish Police for cooperation with the Law Enforcement Agencies of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The Nordic Liaison Office in Sarajevo covers matters of bilateral cooperation with Bosnia and Herzegovina regarding cross-bordering serious and organised crime on behalf of all 5 Nordic Countries. This is within the framework of the Nordic Police- and Customs Cooperation Programme (PTN).

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