Concerning appointments for student interviews

18 Jun 2019

The Embassy of Sweden is rescheduling appointments for student interviews. We have been given the possibility to perform more interviews due to recruitment of new staff member.

This means that most of the existing appointments will be changed. All applicants will be contacted by the Embassy concerning these changes.

There is no need to contact the Embassy concerning this matter. If you necessarily need information please don´t call. Send us an email to

We will answer your request as soon as possible. Also be informed that the Embassy at the moment only will interview main applicants. Family members will be interviewed when all prioritized student cases are finalized.

We expect to start dealing with family members in October 2019

Note that Only officials at the Embassy of Sweden can schedule the appointments. No agent or persons outside the Embassy can affect this process!


Last updated 18 Jun 2019, 1.58 PM