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Embassy of SwedenTirana, Albania

Local time 7:02 PM

The culture festival “The Cloud”

The cultural festival ‘The Cloud’ was held in Tirana on 25 June 2021, for the fifth year in a row. The festival features modern dance, music and artists from around the world. This year, Sweden was supporting the festival for the first time by inviting feminist choreographer and dancer Rebecca Björling Velasco from the We:R Performance Collective.

The morning started with a workshop in Tirana - young dancers were working hard. Among the participants was a dance group that travelled all the way from Kosovo to take part in the workshop.

In the evening, Rebecca presented her own piece, ‘Kiran’, based on an interview with feminist activist and Harvard graduate Kiran Gandhi. In the interview, Ms Gandhi talked about the widely publicized marathon that she ran while menstruating, bleeding freely in protest at menstrual stigma and for her own comfort.

Thank you Rebecca for coming to Albania!


Rebecca Björling performing

Workshop photo


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