Amassador speech on the welcoming of the new Ambassador and the opening of the new Residance

10 Oct 2019

On the first of October we gathered our colleagues and partners to open the new Swedish Residence and to welcome our new Ambassador, Elsa Håstad. This was also a night to honor 50 years of diplomatic relations between Sweden and Albania!

Elsa welcomed the guests with a warm speech about her mission, working for Albania’s development and EU-integration process. Holding a tomato in her hand, Elsa spoke about her passion – sustainability - and the importance of including it in daily life. She ended the speech with the Albanian saying “you should make room for a friend and listen to what he or she has to say” to underline that the new Swedish residency is a place for meetings and discussions. Read the full speech here

Ambassador Elsa Håstad and her husband Kristoffer Leandoer 

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