Frequently asked questions

09 Apr 2020

Related to the call for Innovative ideas for support to environmental civil society in Albania.

1)      What is the expected duration of the project?

Answer: Maximum 3 years

2)      What is the total budget of the call?

Answer: There is an indication in the call on the estimated annual amount for the programme that will be selected which is in Swedish Kronor (SEK) and indications on the capacity of the implementing organisation to manage the volume of the funding. Make the total budget estimations based on this amount. Use the current the exchange rate for presenting the budget in EUR. Please note that the call foresees forwarding of funding to other organisations and this is expected to be the highest cost in the budget (above 50% of the budget). Please also note that the indicated amount is not a commitment from Sida/Embassy. The final amount will depend on the quality of the proposals and annual Sida budget allocations to Albania.

3)      What documents should be submitted?

Answer: The concept note (10 pages) and the two templates attached to the call (budget and basic information).

4)      Are the non-environmental NGOs eligible for granting?

Answer: The main target is environmental civil society organizations and the objective is about strengthening their role and impact. The call does not exclude other types of organizations from receiving Sida funds in the context of the programme however they are not the main target. Support for networking on environmental issues is encouraged and depending on the theme, type of actions proposed, it could be effective and is desirable for environmental CSOs to partner with non-environmental organizations on environmental issues and complement each other’s knowledge, competence and experience for greater impact and influence. 

The programme should be aligned to the core mandate and competence of the organisation applying for this callfor the purpose of enhancing the capacities of ECSOs and contributing to enhanced environmental responsibility. Please read carefully the merits the organizations should have in terms of capacity and competence.

5)     It is possible for my organization to apply alone or should it be with other organizations?

Answer:  Both options are possible. In case there is more than one organization presenting the concept note, the competences, role and responsibilities for management of the funds and implementation between the implementing organizations should be very clear.

What template should be used for the call?

Answer: For the Concept Note there is no template provided. You will find under “background documents” a link to guidelines for organisations that apply for Sida funds. Templates for proposals are not provided by Sida, as Sida promotes the utilization of partners’ own systems and formats for planning and follow up, in line with the principles of development effectiveness. Therefore, Sida expects its partners to use their own format, tools and methods, which are deemed to be the most appropriate for the planning, implementation and monitoring of their operations. However, the information in the above-mentioned guidelines provide an overview of what Sida reviews in the assessment process and what should be included in proposals to Sida.

6)      Can you tell us something more about the results from the previous phase of Sida support to environmental society and Sida support to civil society in general?

Answer: Under background documents, you will find a link to an evaluation of Sida support to civil society in Albania. Support to environmental civil society is one of the four contributions subject of the evaluation. The findings and lessons learnt from the Sida support to civil society provide information on Sida general approaches on support to civil society, methods and strategies that have been successful and specific positive experiences in the programmes included in the evaluation.

7)      Can you tell us something about the evaluation process?


  1. The concept notes and annexes will be assessed by an evaluation commission appointed by the Embassy (see below the evaluation criteria). In a second phase and depending on the results of the evaluation process few applicants might be invited to present at the Embassy of Sweden their concept idea and answer possible questions from the evaluation commission. Based on the results from this process, the Embassy will take a decision on the way forward.

2) The evaluation criteria are the following:

  1. The organization mandate is relevant to the purpose of the call
  2. Proposal is compliant with the Call requirements
  3. The Proposal demonstrates a sound understanding of what is required and indicates that the organization has the prerequisite capacity to implement the initiative successfully
  4. Innovation and creativity in the proposed strategy and approaches for the fulfillment of the objectives
  5. Alignment of the proposed budget with the proposed actions and efficiency





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