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Private Sector Collaboration

The private sector has a role in development, not only by generating jobs and economic growth, but also by creating sustainable solutions to global challenges. The Swedish development cooperation's collaboration with the private sector engages corporate actors in global development. Through partnership, the objective is to leverage the contribution of the private sector to global poverty reduction and to promote inclusive and sustainable business models that enable people living in poverty to improve the quality of their lives. This growing area of work is based on the recognition that the international donor community and the business community need to join hands in order to tackle the global challenges such as poverty and environmental degradation.

Do you have an idea?

The development cooperation section at the Embassy of Sweden in Bangkok is currently looking for private sector partners to expand this area of work in Southeast Asia and find linkages and opportunities for collaboration with our current non-governmental partners in the region. At the regional office in Bangkok we work with a broad range of organizations engaged in the areas of human rights and democratization, sustainable resource use and sustainable urban services in Southeast Asia. All initiatives and projects the section funds need to be of regional importance - which means that projects that matters only for one single country are difficult to collaborate around. When it comes to Myanmar, we are however open for discussions on initiatives of bilateral concerns.

Collaboration between Swedish development cooperation and the private sector is based on risk- and cost sharing and on the private sector being the driving force of the partnership. This form of collaboration is open to private sector actors from all over the world provided that it brings clear benefits to people living in poverty. Partnerships can be effective in different areas, such as health, education, agriculture and foresty, climate, engery, employment and infrastructure. The key focus for Sida and Embassies is always the development results achieved through the partnerships.

There are three major forms for collaboration:

  • Public Private Development Partnerships - a mechanism that enables cost- and risk sharing collaboration opportunities for mainly large companies, through joint financing of development projects with a win-win obejctive. Win for corporate good as well as for development impact. Companies usually contribute with at least 50% of the project investment.
  • Support to Drivers of Change - is another funding opportunity for organizations that push the corporate sustainability agenda forward. Civil society organizations and business networks can play an important role in improving markets and productions methods. Drivers of Change are dedicated to influence the private sector to work in a more sustainable and inclusive way and thereby contribute to poverty reduction. Through this mechanism, Sweden also supports so called watchdogs that counteract unsustainable business practices.
  • Challenge funds - are funds that smaller entrepreneurs can apply for to develope or take innovative sustainable business ideas to scale, that have the potential to contribute to poverty reduction.

At Sida's website you will find more information on the various forms of funding and collaboration as well as examples of partnerships. 

Swedish Leadership for Sustainable Development

Swedish Leadership for Sustainable Development is a network made up of 20+ companies, selected expert organizations and a Development Finance Institution. The network is coordinated by Sida and has become a forum for valuable knowledge-exchange, concrete projects and collaborative models for poverty reduction and sustainable development, with implementation of the Global Goals as the over-arching umbrella.


We are very interested in hearing from you! If you have ideas or questions please do not hesitate to contact the embassy

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