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Risk capital and financial support in emerging markets and post-conflict countries

Swedfund International is a state-owned risk capital company specialized in investments in emerging markets in Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe (non-EU members) and Latin America.

Swedfund offers risk capital and financial support to Swedish companies wishing to establish or expand their businesses in emerging markets or in post-conflict countries.

Swedfund offers financing to companies that:

  • want to invest in African, Asian and Latin American countries that are not classified as upper middle income*, as well as the non-EU countries of Eastern Europe
  • have the economic resources to invest minimum the same amount as Swedfund,
  • have a management team that is capable of operating in the country under consideration

Swedfund also offers financial support to Swedish small and medium-sized limited liability companies for transfer of know-how and investments in equipment, when establishing a business/partnership in emerging markets.

Entrepreneurs in Post-Conflict Countries (EPC)

Swedfund has launched a program targeting Swedish small and medium-sized limited liability companies that want to commence operations in post-conflict countries. The application period for this program is limited to 2010. The key terms of the offer are listed below. 

Offer: Unsecured loans of 1 to 5 MSEK to Swedish limited liability companies to finance the establishment or expansion of operations in post-conflict countries. The borrowers should invest an amount that is at least equal to the size of Swedfund´s loan.

Target group: Swedish entrepreneurs with or without immigrant background with documented successful experience of managing a business in the same industry as the proposed investment. Industry: Sectors that contribute to sustainable economic development. Certain sectors, such as tobacco, alcohol and weapons, are excluded.


Swedfund publishes a number of publications. Among others "Världsekonomins nya tillväxtmarknader" by Peter Stien. This, and other reports may be read on the website of Swedfund. > www.swedfund.se


For more information on this program and Swedfund's offer please visit www.swedfund.se 

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