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Sweden & South Korea

Applying for a Visa

You may need to apply for a visa if you intend to visit Sweden and you are a citizen of a non EU-country.

Citizens from the following countries/territories require a visa when entering Sweden, check the list.

Korean citizens who go to Sweden as temporary visitors such as tourists can stay without a visa for a maximum of 90 days within a 180 day period.

The Swedish Embassy in Seoul represents Denmark, Iceland and Norway in the Schengen-cooperation. If you live in the Republic of Korea and wish to travel to Denmark, Iceland or Norway for a visit, you should submit your application to the Swedish Embassy in Seoul. You will follow the same procedure as if you were applying for a Schengen-visa to Sweden. Whenever “Sweden” is mentioned below, that information is also valid for Denmark, Norway and Iceland.

How to Apply

The quickest and easiest way to apply for a visa is to apply online. Online applications are given priority, you can pay and make an appointment while applying and your compulsory visit to the embassy will go faster.

Swedish Migration Agency web application

You also get access to the e-service ‘My page for e-visa’, where you can for instance change your appointment or see if your case decision has arrived.

My page for e-visa on the Swedish Migration Agency website

If you cannot or do not want to apply online, you can submit your application documents in person at the Swedish embassy. Kindly schedule an appointment prior to your visit. 

In order to submit your application at the Embassy of Sweden in Seoul (Monday-Friday between 9:00-11:00), you will need to make an appointment. For reservations, please call 02-3703-3700 (from 14.00 to 16.00 on weekdays).

The processing time for a visa application is approximately 15 days. Your passport is normally kept by the embassy during the processing time. After making the decision, a visa sticker will be affixed into the passport. You will come to the embassy to pick up the passport during the embassy’s visiting hours.