Sweden & Serbia

Emigrate to Sweden

You cannot get an "emigration visa" to Sweden. You can move to Sweden only if you have been previously approved a residence permit.

You can get a residence permit in Sweden based on:

  1. Job offer. Beside the Embassy's homepage, these links might be useful too:, www.arbetsformedlingen.se or
  2. Family reunification. Find all information on the Embassy´s or Migration Agency´s homepages.
  3. Studies. Useful links: and Embassy's homepage contains informaiton about the student residence permit.

Other useful links:

  1. University degree recognition:,  
  2. Learn Swedish:, The Swedish Institute,
  3. Driving licence:
  4. EU citizens in Sweden:
  5. Health workers in Sweden:,
  6. Apply for asylum:
  7. LGBTQ:
Last updated 05 Jun 2018, 12.21 PM