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Studying in Sweden

In general, to acquire a residence permit to study in Sweden, you must have been admitted to a fulltime course of study, you must have the means to support yourself and you must have a passport. You must arrange for your residence permit before leaving for Sweden.

Studying in Sweden

In order to study for more than 90 days in Sweden, you must have a residence permit. The rules vary, depending on what kind of studies you wish to pursue. Read more about the requirements and how to apply for a permit for studies or research in Sweden:

Studying in Sweden - Migrationsverket

Residence permit for studies in higher education - Migrationsverket

5 tips to increase your chances of a deci­sion before the semester

Are you a non-EU citizen and have been admitted to higher education in Sweden? Then there are a few things that you need to consider in order for your application process to go as smoothly as possible. Follow the link below:

5 tips to increase your chance of a decision before the semester - Migrationsverket


The university or college may require a fee for the studies, of which a part must be paid in advance. Contact the university or college concerned for further information.

All the most important information on higher education in Sweden can be found on the Study in Sweden website.

It contains general information on the opportunities open to international students, admission procedures and other practical details.

The service is designed for students at all levels. It provides information on undergraduate courses, Master's programmes and opportunities for researchers. Study in Sweden - Live and learn the Swedish way ✌️

Permits for family members of a person with a resi­dence permit for studies

If you are a family member of someone who has already applied for a residence permit for studies in Sweden in higher education, you can make your own application for a residence permit for the same period. You can also get a work permit. If you are a family member of someone who has been granted a permanent residence permit in Sweden after four years of doctoral studies, you can get a permanent residence permit if you meet the requirements for one. Permits for a family member of a person with a resi­dence permit for studies - Migrationsverket

Residence permit card (UT-card)

If you are granted a residence permit, you will be issued a residence permit card. The general rule is that the residence permit must be granted and the UT-card collected before entering Sweden. It can take up to four weeks for the residence permit card to be prepared and delivered to the embassy. Once the card has arrived at the embassy you can collect it. Contact the Embassy to make an appointment. Contact and opening hours - Sweden Abroad Bring the passport that you used when applying for a residence permit.

You can also authorize (give power of attorney to) another person to receive the UT-card on your behalf. The power of attorney has to be signed by the applicant / holder of permit and must be presented for the Embassy as well as a copy of the passport. You find the power of attorney here: Power of attorney to receive residence permit cards


Here you will find frequently asked questions about studying in Sweden. You will find questions about residence permit for studies, questions about doctoral studies and questions about maintenance Frequently asked questions about studying in Sweden - Migrationsverket