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Frequently asked questions

Here you will find frequently asked questions regarding Visa applications, times, the visa procedure, etc.

  • How do I apply for a residence permit in Sweden?

    The easiest way is to submit an online application, for more information please see the website: Online application for residence permit to move to someone in Sweden - Migrationsverket

    If you are unable to submit an online application your family member in Sweden can do it for you. If you cannot do this you can apply at an Embassy. For information on how to proceed: If you are unable to make an online application - Migrationsverket
  • I would like to schedule an appointment for an interview

    If you have submitted an online application for a residence permit, you can only schedule an appointment after the Swedish Migration Agency has informed you about this. It is important that you state the control or case number and personal details of all family members that are applying. 

  • I have a brother/sister, mother's or father's sister/brother, son/daughter who are adults and reside in Sweden. Can I apply for family reunion?

    All information on requirements and how to apply are found on the website Moving to someone in Sweden - Migrationsverket

  • Am I entitled to priority from the Embassy?

    No, the Embassy does not decide on priority for a case. When you schedule an appointment you will be given the first available appointment. The Swedish Migration Agency can in exceptional cases decide that a case is prioritized.

  • I have an appointment with you, but I would like you to transfer my case to another embassy.

    Contact the Embassy where you want your interview to take place. When they confirm that you have been scheduled an appointment with them, they will arrange for your case to be transferred there. At the same time the appointment at the Embassy in Riyadh will be cancelled. You can only have an appointment in one Embassy.

  • I have an appointment with you, what do I need to bring to the interview?

    You can find all information on which documents are required to bring on our website.

  • I have received a residence permit and would like to have a residence permit card – leave finger prints and take photographs – how can I proceed?

    You must book an appointment at the Embassy. Please see our website: Contact and opening hours - Sweden Abroad

  • I would like to collect my residence permit card (UT card) from another Embassy.

    You should normally collect your residence permit card from the Embassy where you took photographs and fingerprints. If you are unable to collect it there you can send an e-mail to the Embassy and request them to send the UT card to another Embassy or to the Swedish Migration Agency in Sweden where a relative who has a power of attorney can collect it. Please note that Residence permit card are not sent by regular mail and changing where you want to pick it up will delay the delivery with up to three weeks.

  • I would like to apply/have applied for a residence permit and would like to have my interview at an embassy in another country. 

    For more information on where you can do your interview and other relavant information Moving to someone in Sweden - Migrationsverket

  • I would like to visit Sweden and apply for a visa – how should I proceed?

    To apply for a visa contact VFS Global where you can submit the application. The handeling time for a visa application at the Embassy is 15 days. When the decision is made by the Embassy and delivered to VFS you will receive a notification from VFS.

    Visit the website of VFS for more information Welcome to VFS Global | vfsglobal

    For more information: How to apply for a Visa - Sweden Abroad

  • I have appealed my visa decision, when will I get the decision?

    If you appeal the Embassy will hand over all the documents in your case to the Migration Court. It is the Migration Court in Stockholm that is responsible for handeling the case. Please visit their website: Migrationsdomstolen vid Förvaltningsrätten i Stockholm

  • I have appealed my visa decision, can I submit a new application?

    If you have appeal and apply again, before you get a decision from the Migration court, the Embassy will hand over all the documents in your new application to the Migration Court.

  • How can I apply for a work permit?

    The best way is to submit an online application. For more information please visit Working in Sweden - Migrationsverket

  • Can I apply for asylum at the Swedish Embassy?

    An application for asylum can not be submitted at a Swedish mission abroad (at an Embassy/consulate) but at one of the Migration Agency application units, or with the border police when entering Sweden. Those who are not able to come to Sweden for protection are advised to contact the UNHCR.

  • I would like to move to Sweden based on humanitarian grounds – how can I proceed?

    You find all information on requirements and how to apply for residence permit on the website of the Swedish Migration Agency: English - Migrationsverket

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