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You pay a fee for your work permit application. The money is not refunded if your application is rejected.

Fee for work permit application

Work permit application: 12300 roubles (SEK 2200)

Application for your family

Adults: 8400 roubles (SEK 1500)
Children under 18: 4200 roubles (SEK 750)

Special fees for certain occupations

For some occupations, special fees are required. These are: artists, au pairs, visiting researchers, athletes and coaches. They pay 8400 roubles (SEK 1500). 

Residence permit for graduate students that want to stay in Sweden to look for work or opportunities to engage in business activities 12300 Rub (SEK 2200)

Residence/work permit for an EU Blue Card 11200 Rub (SEK 2000)

Residence/work permit (Intra Corporate Transfers) 11200 Rub (SEK 2000)

Residence/work permit (Seasonal workers) 11200 Rub (SEK 2000)