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Business visit – extra documents

Due to a temporary ban on entering Sweden, the Embassy of Sweden in Moscow issues visas only for those who belong to the category of people who are allowed to enter Sweden and need a visa. More information you can find here. You should contact the Embassy prior to your application by email: visa.moscow@gov.se

If you apply for a visa to visit Sweden on business, you need the documents listed below.

You must have:

  • The documents required by all visa applicants. Read more under ‘Required documents
  • Invitation letter from an inviting company or organization where the purpose and  duration of the visit are stated as well as who is responsible for your expenses during your stay
  • In circumstances where necessary information is missing in the letter, a certificate of employment is requested

Additional documentation is required for the following categories of business travellers:

Drivers (international cargo and passengers):

  • Written request from the Russian national association of carriers (ASMAP or RAS) or the national association of carriers of the Member State stating the purpose, duration and frequency of trips


  • A certificate or other document issued by a professional organisation proving that the person is a qualified journalist
  • Letter from his/her employer stating that the purpose of the journey is to carry out journalistic work

(Freelance journalists: proof of journalistic activity (e.g. a press card or work contract) and proof of economic activity/financial means (e.g. 2NDFL or 3NDFL form, excerpt from the trade/fiscal registry, certificate for individual business, bank statement(s) covering at least three preceding months).

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