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Business visit – extra documents

If you apply for a visa to visit Sweden on business, you need the documents listed below.

You must have:

  • The documents required by all visa applicants. Read more under ‘Required documents
  • Invitation letter from an inviting company or organization where the purpose and  duration of the visit are stated as well as who is responsible for your expenses during your stay
  • In circumstances where necessary information is missing in the letter, a certificate of employment is requested

Additional documentation is required for the following categories of business travellers:

Drivers (international cargo and passengers):

  • Written request from the Russian national association of carriers (ASMAP or RAS) or the national association of carriers of the Member State stating the purpose, duration and frequency of trips


  • A certificate or other document issued by a professional organisation proving that the person is a qualified journalist
  • Letter from his/her employer stating that the purpose of the journey is to carry out journalistic work

(Freelance journalists: proof of journalistic activity (e.g. a press card or work contract) and proof of economic activity/financial means (e.g. 2NDFL or 3NDFL form, excerpt from the trade/fiscal registry, certificate for individual business, bank statement(s) covering at least three preceding months).

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