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Issuance of documents

The Migration Department is open for issuance of documents any working day from 9:00 to 11:00, no prior appointment needed.

The following documents are required to pick up residence permit card, decision, or passport:

- For collection of your own documents: a travel document (passport for travelling abroad).

- For collection of your underage child’s documents: passport of the parent receiving the document in original, birth certificate of the child in original. In case of a change of the parent’s personal data it is also necessary to provide the documents based on which the data was changed.

- For collection of documents by a third person: a power of attorney signed by the applicant and passport of the authorized person in original. The original of birth certificate is not required.

You can use the following power of attorney form or to provide a notarized power of attorney.

The power of attorney form posted on the website of the embassy does not require notarization. It must be filled out, signed, and handed over to the authorized person.


Filling out a power of attorney:


A power of attorney must be provided by each applicant.

A power of attorney should be filled out in Latin letters.

Filling out a power of attorney is possible by handwritten or typewritten method; however, it should be easy to read.

In the fields "Date of birth/Personal number" of the applicant and authorized person, it is enough to indicate the date of birth. Write your personal number only if you know it.

In the "Address" field, enter the full address of the place of registration or residence.

For minors, the power of attorney is signed by one of the parents. The power of attorney must include the details of both the minor and the parent who signed the power of attorney.

In the "Dossier number" field, indicate the number only if you know it. Skip this field if you don’t know the number.

Documents cannot be received in case of missing or mismatching signature in the power of attorney.