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Trade Barriers

Did you or your company encounter trade barriers? We will help you. Providing Swedish companies with support and advice concerning trade barriers is an important task of the Foreign Service.

What is a trade barrier?

A trade barrier refers to every action undertaken by a government to complicate trade with goods and services, or cases where existing regulation is applied arbitrarily.

Examples are:

  • Actions in conflict with current trade agreements
  • Vague regulations or unwieldy bureaucracy
  • Political involvement in business or legal processes

For trade barriers encountered outside the EU/EEA, the World Trade Organization (WTO) principle of non-discrimination applies, as well as free trade agreements between the EU and the third country. In some cases, bilateral agreements on investment protection may apply.

Did you or your company encounter trade barriers? In that case, you are welcome to contact us. Send an email to the address found in the footer of this page. Please state the following:

  • Date
  • Name/company
  • Industry
  • Your problem

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