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How to receive your decision and residence permit card

Decision of your permit is usually sent to your reference person/employer in Sweden if authorized by you.

Decision and Residence Card

You as the applicant can collect your decision /residence card at your chosen Gerry’s office. If you cannot collect it yourself, you can authorize a third party to represent you. An original signed power of attorney must be written in English appointing someone else to collect the decision/residence card on your behalf. Copy of your ID or passport and copy of the representative’s passport or ID must be attached to the power of attorney. Your representative in Sweden with power of attorney can also receive the decision. 

You cannot collect decision or residence card at the Embassy.

Residence Permit Card

Once the case has been settled by the Swedish Migration Agency and the applicant has submitted biometrics, it normally takes four weeks for the card to be sent to the Embassy. It is therefore NOT recommended for you to purchase any tickets before you receive your card.

Once you have been granted a permit longer than three months, a residence permit card must be issued before your arrival to Sweden. The card is ordered automatically if you have been photographed and fingerprinted. If you have not been photographed and fingerprinted, you need an appointment to visit the Embassy. Appointment can only be made in writing only Bring your passport.

A residence permit card is only proof of a residence permit. It cannot be used as ID-card or travel document.


Last updated 22 Jan 2020, 12.22 PM