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Studying in Sweden

As a general rule, to apply for a residence permit for studies, you must be admitted to full-time training, provide proof of means of subsistence and hold a passport. The permit must be issued before entering Sweden.

Students wishing to continue their studies or research in Sweden are first required to take all the necessary steps to obtain registration with the School or University of their choice.

For information on studying in Sweden, visit the Swedish Institute website and Study in Sweden.

You can also find information on the Swedish Migration's website

Once you are accepted into a Swedish school or university, you must apply, at least 2 to 3 months before the start of studies, for a residence permit. To apply for a residence permit, the easiest and quickest way is to apply online.

Apply online
To apply for a long-stay visa for higher studies in Sweden, you apply online. Online applications are sent directly to the Swedish Migration Agency, which processes them as a priority.

Online application on the Swedish Migration Agency's website

Residence permit card
This card is the proof that you have a residence permit.
Information on the residence permit card