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Apply for a residence permit in Sweden

If you want to move to Sweden to live with a close relative, you need a residence permit.

The most comprehensive information about how to apply for residence permit in Sweden can be found at the Swedish Migration Agency's webpage. There you can also find information about the maintenance requirement in residence permit cases, what documentation that is needed and what kind of permit you can apply for.

Other rules apply if you, or your close relative in Sweden, are citizens or has a status as a long term resident of an EU/EEA country (other than Sweden). A close relative may for instance be a husband or wife or a child (a minor). The most updated information on this subject can be found at the Swedish Migration Agency's webpage


The easiest way to apply for residence permit is to apply online. An online application goes directly to the Swedish Migration Agency.

Swedish Migration Agency online application

If you are unable or do not want to apply online, you can submit your application at the Embassy of Sweden in Skopje. For more information on how to hand in your application at the Embassy, please click here. 

Rules and required documents

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