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How to apply

You can apply for a Schengen visa either at VFS Global in Pristina or at the Embassy of Sweden in Skopje. To hand in an application you need to book an appointment through VFS Global, both if you want to apply at VFS Global or the Embassy of Sweden in Skopje.

Please read through the following steps with information about how you apply for a visa. If you apply for a visa at VFS Global, you can also visit their web page for information on how to apply and what documentation that is required, see 

1. Prepare the documentation

Check which documents and personal information you need. You can find checklists for your kind of visit below this text on this page. 

When you are applying for a visa you need to submit the application form in original and it must be signed by you. Remaining documents can be scanned, faxed or copied. However, when submitting your application, you must be able to present all national/local documents from Kosovo in original. When asked to do so by the Embassy, you must be able to present any of the original documents originating from Sweden.

2. Make an appointment

Make an appointment, either to hand in your application at VFS Global in Pristina or at the Embassy of Sweden in Skopje, by calling VFS Global at +383 38 412 712 or +383 38 412 812, Monday to Friday between 09.00 and 16.00.

3. Visit the Embassy or VFS Global

When visiting VFS Global or the Embassy at the appointed time, please bring a completely filled out application form, together with all the additional required documents. See checklists below for information about the required documentation in your case. If you do not have all the documents with you, there is a risk that your application will be rejected.  During the visit at the Embassy, you may be required to answer some additional questions. Make sure you bring money for the fee. Read more about what fee you need to pay under ‘Fees’  in the menue below.

Every person that is applying for a visa – including children – must visit VFS Global or the Embassy in person. 

You can find information about the address of the Embassy by clicking here.

VFS Global is located at RR Rrustem Statovci No 36, 10000 Pristina.

4. After the decision

A decision is normally made within 15 days from when the application was submitted. If the embassy needs to investigate the case further or the application was incomplete when it was submitted, the waiting time can be up to 30 days.

If you have handed in your application at VFS Global: You will be informed by VFS Global when your passport and copy of the decision are ready for collection at their office. Please contact them for more information about this procedure.

If you have handed in you application at the Embassy:

If your visa application is granted: The Embassy will call you and inform you that you have been granted a visa. If your application is granted, you have to visit the Embassy to get a visa sticker inserted into your passport. During the visit, you can, if you wish, obtain a copy of the decision.

If your visa application has been rejected: If your application is rejected, the Embassy will send the decision to you by post.

If you have not been contacted by the Embassy or received a letter about the decision within 15 days from when the application was submitted, you are advised to contact the Migration Department at the Embassy for more information about the status in your case.

Applying online

Please note that from the 22 March 2017 it is no longer possible to apply online for a Schengen visa at the Embassy of Sweden in Skopje.


Below you can find checklists in English and Albanian with information about which documentation that is needed in your case. You can also download the Schengen visa application form. The invitation form that should be filled out by the person you are planning to visit in Sweden (only family/friends visits) can be found at the Swedish Migration Agency's webpage. 

Urgent applications for visa

If you need to apply urgently for visa, for example due to funerals, serious illnesses or urgent business reasons, please contact the embassy at Please attach relevant documentation supporting that you need to apply urgently. Please note that celebrations, such as weddings or birthday celebrations are not considered to be urgent cases. 

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