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You pay a fee for your visa application. The money is not refunded if your application is rejected.

Fee for visa application


Kosovo/Serbian citizens: 35 euro or equivalent to MKD will be charged.

For citizens from other countries: 60 euro or equivalent to MKD will be charged.

Children aged 6 - 12: 35 euro or equivalent to MKD will be charged

The application fee is tied to the euro and is revised in the event of any major shift in the exchange rate. 

How to pay

If you are applying for visa at the Embassy of Sweden in Skopje you must pay the fee at the NLB Banka Head-Office (located at Majka Tereza No.1) in Skopje - account Number: 210-7020000704-90The embassy will give you instructions on how to pay the fee when you visit the embassy to submit your application. 

If you apply for visa at VFS Global in Pristina you pay the fee at their office with a credit card or in cash. 

Fee exemptions

The following pay no fee:

  • Children under six years of age.
  • Children 6 - 12 years of age visiting grand-parents - if grand-parents are not Swedish citizens.
  • Children, parents, grandparents or grandchildren visiting children, grandchildren, parents or grandparents who are Kosovar citizens residing legally in Sweden. If the inviting person is a Swedish citizen the applicant need to pay the fee.
  • School pupils, students, research students and accompanying teachers on study or training trips, as well as within exchange programs and other school oriented activities.
  • Third-country researchers travelling for the purpose of pursuing scientific research.
  • Representatives of non-governmental organisations who are aged 25 or under, who take part in seminars, conferences, sports events, cultural events or educational events organised by NGOs.
  • Persons participating in scientific, cultural and artistic activities including exchange programs organized by universities and others.
  • Participants in international  sports events and persons accompanying them in a professional capacity.
  • Family members of citizens of the EU, Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein or Switzerland, if they travel together with them or will be meeting them in connection with the trip. Read more about which individuals are counted as relatives on the Swedish Migration Board website. Relatives of Swedish citizens have to pay a fee for visa applications.
  • Retired persons.
  • Persons traveling for medical reasons.
  • Religious Events.
  • Members of official delegations who, after an official invitation to the Republic of Kosovo, regularly will participate in meetings, consultations, negotiations or exchange programs, or in events arranged on the memberstates territories by intergovernmental organizations.
  • Representatives in national and regional governments or provincial governments and in national and regional parliaments or provincial parliaments, constitutional court or the highest court of cassation, if it is stipulated in the Visa Facilitations Agreement that they do not need a visa to travel.
  • Participants in official exchange programs arranged by twin-towns.
  • Disabled persons and, when necessary, persons accompanying them
  • Representatives for organizations in the civilian society who are traveling in order to participate in meetings, seminars, exchange programs or in courses.
  • Persons who has shown documents confirming that they will travel because of humanitarian reasons, which includes urgent medical treatment when also an accompanying person will be exempt of paying the visa fee, or in order to attend a close relative's funeral or to visit a close relative who is seriously ill.
  • Journalists.

More information can also be found at the Swedish Migration Agency's website

Fees for D-visa

Fees for citizens of North Macedonia, Kosovo or Albania: EUR 35 (or equivalent in MKD)

Adults and children: EUR 60 (or equivalent in MKD)

Residence permits for a visit

Adults: SEK 1 000 (or equivalent in MKD)

Children under 18: SEK 500 (or equivalent in MKD)

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