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Business Sweden in Vienna is the responsible regional office that covers Austria, Switzerland, Hungary, Slovenia & Croatia and handle inquiries for the Western Balkan countries (Serbia, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania, Kosovo) and Israel. The activities of Business Sweden include: 1. Assisting Swedish companies in establishing presence on the markets of the region 2. Supporting established Swedish companies to develop current sales as well as 3. Attracting foreign investments to Sweden

 Business Sweden does not have an office in North Macedonia, the country is covered by the office in Vienna.
Business Sweden Wipplingerstrasse 24-26 Mezzanin
At-1010 VIENNA
Tel: +43 140 235 15 23 Fax: +43 140 235 15 24
Maja Zoric, Country Manager + 43 140 235 15 23 maja.zoric@business-sweden.se
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