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Holder of Somali diplomatic passport

The Embassy of Sweden in Nairobi is responsible for Schengen visa application from Somalia. Somali Diplomatic passport is recognized since January 2020 by the Swedish Government, but only biometric e-passports issued 2014 or later. No other Somali passports have been recognized.

Submission in Somalia is not possible, neither by post or by courier company to Nairobi.

You need to book an appointment at the Embassy of Sweden in Nairobi to submit your application for Schengen visa - contact the Embassy.

You must submit your application in person, unless your biometric information has been taken for another Schengen visa application previously, for the last 59 months - see Visa Code EU/2019/1155, article 13 item 3.

If your biometrics has been taken, you may send a person with a written Power of attorney (that can identity him - or herself) to submit your application. Your passport may also be collected by an authorized person.

High level delegations, invited by the Swedish Government, might be excused from biometrics in accordance to Visa Code EU/2019/1155, article 13 item 7 . Exemptions of biometrics will only be decided by the Embassy.

Somali nationals are subject to a mandatory consultation in accordance to Visa Code EU/2019/1155, article 22. This means that a technical consultation procedure will be initiated after submission of application for Schengen visa and may take up to 7 calendar days.

  • Applications shall be lodged not less than fifteen working days before the start of the intended visit
  • All submitted documents must be in English or in Swedish
  •  An interview may be required at the Embassy or by phone
  • Further information or documentary evidence in support of your application may be required
  • All documents are mandatory. If mandatory documents as stated in the checklist are not received within the stipulated time, the Embassy will make a decision based on existing documentation.
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