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Application fees

The application fee is tied to the euro and is revised in the event of any major shift in the exchange rate. The fee is paid in different currencies depending on what country you apply.  

Schengen visa (Short stay – Type C, age 12 years and above)- 90 Euros
Children, ages 6–11 years- 45 Euros
Children, 0 to 5 years old- 0 Euros
EU Visa Facilitation Agreements- 35 Euros

An increased visa fee should not apply to children under twelve years of age and to applicants for whom the visa fee shall not be charged or where the visa fee is reduced according to the visa code. 
The fee shall also not be applied to family members of EU/EEA citizens.

Please visit the followig link for more information regarding visa application fees in euros or local currency.

Exemptions from Schengen visa fees

The following categories of persons are exempted from the visa fee, in accordance with Article 16 of the Visa Code:

  • Children under six years
  • School pupils, students, postgraduate students and accompanying teachers who undertake
    stays for the purpose of study or educational training
  • Researchers travelling for the purpose of carrying out scientific research or participatng in a scientific seminar or conference
  • Representatives of non-profit organisations aged 25 years or less participating in seminars, conferences, sports, cultural or educational events organised by non-profit organisations.
  • Holders of diplomatic and service passports when travelling for official duties
  • Family members of EU/EEA citizens
  • Family members of UK nationals who fall under the EU-UK Withdrawal Agreement.

VFS Global

VFS Global charges a service fee per application, in addition to the above fee for the visa. 

Please note that there is no exemption or reimbursement of VFS service fee.

Modes of Payment

  • Bank payment. Instructions will be given when you have been approved an appointment at the Embassy. Please write the applicant´s name when paying at the bank.
  • Instructions will be given at the Embassy counter.
  • Payment at VFS Global´s counter, only for Schengen visa applications, submitted at VFS. You will be informed about which payment mode that is applicable in your case, when in contact with the Embassy.

The application fee will not be refunded if your application is refused!