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Decision and residence permit card

Once you have been granted a permit longer than three months, a residence permit card must be issued before your arrival.

Residence permit cards are only proofs of residence permits. They cannot be used as ID cards or travel documents. 

Biometrics can only be submitted at the Embassy of Sweden in New Delhi.

Applicants need to visit the Embassy in New Delhi at some point when applying in order to submit biometrics for the residence permit card (bring the passport registered in the application for identification).

Once the case has been settled by the Migration Agency and the applicant has submitted biometrics, it normally takes three to four weeks for the card to be sent to the Embassy.

You may choose to submit your biometrics before or after the decision on your residence permit application. Once you have received the control number on your application, you can visit the Embassy during the biometrics submission hours along with your original passport to submit your biometrics.

When your residence permit card is checked in at the Embassy, a notification will be sent on your registered email address, and you can then visit the Embassy along with your passport to collect your residence permit card during the collection hours of the Embassy. You can even authorize a representative with your signed power of attorney to collect your card on your behalf.



Last updated 16 Feb 2024, 10.51 AM