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Decision and residence permit card

Once you have been granted a permit longer than three months, a residence permit card must be issued before your arrival.

Receive your decision

All applicants can collect their decisions personally at the Embassy of Sweden in New Delhi.

If you have signed a power of attorney prior to the decision, the decision will normally be sent to the representative in Sweden. 

Due to security reasons, decisions cannot be sent via e-mail.

If you applied for a Schengen visa, collect your decision and your passport at VFS Global.

Residence permit cards

You can visit the Embassy during our opening hours to collect your card once you have been notified that the card has arrived at the Embassy. 

Once the application has been granted by the Swedish Migration Agency and the applicant has submitted biometrics, it normally takes four weeks for the card to be produced and sent to the Embassy. The card will be sent to the Embassy unless the applicant has requested the residence permit card to be sent to an address in Sweden. 

When the residence permit card arrives at the Embassy, the applicant will get an automatic e-mail to the e-mail stated in the application. You can then visit the Embassy along with your passport to collect your residence permit card during the collection hours of the Embassy. You can even authorize a representative with your signed power of attorney to collect your card on your behalf.

Residence permit cards are only a proof that the holder has a residence permit in Sweden. The card cannot be used as an ID card or a travel document.

The Embassy can provide courier services to Swedish Consulates in India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Maldives, and Bhutan but cannot provide courier services to the personal addresses.

Applicant would require paying INR 500 in cash during their visit for biometrics to avail courier service for residence permit card collection from the consulates.

The courier charges are only eligible for card collection and not for decision letter collection.

Collection from Consulates

Residence permit cards can be collected from the Swedish Consulates in India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Maldives, and Bhutan.

All applicants must visit in person to collect their residence permit cards from consulates. Representation collection is not allowed from the consulates.

During collection applicants must carry their original passports for identification.

 Cards must be collected within one (01) month from the date of delivery to the consulate. If residence permit cards are not collected within one (01) month, then it will be returned to the Embassy in New Delhi and it will not be redirected again to the consulate.

 There will be no preintimation sent to applicant for delivery of cards to the consulates. Applicants must contact the embassy/consulate before visiting the consulates for collection.

Contact details for the Embassy of Sweden in New Delhi 

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