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Trade and Investment Promotion

An important task for the Embassy is to promote Swedish economic interests.

Trade and Investment Promotion

Part of the Embassy’s mandate is to promote deeper and broader economic and commercial relations with India, and to assist Swedish companies with trade and investment barriers.   The Embassy works closely with Business Sweden, the Swedish Chamber of Commerce India (SCCI) and the Consulate General in Mumbai to promote Swedish business interests. Business Sweden, the Trade and Invest Council, makes it easier for Swedish companies to reach export markets with their products by providing advisory services, and by organising events and targeted campaigns. It also facilitates Indian investment in Sweden. The SCCI is an independent, non-profit organisation whose mission is to promote the interests of their members, including through the organisation of seminars and networking events.  

Every year, the Embassy, in cooperation with the SCCI, conducts a survey among Swedish companies in India to gather information on trends, opportunities and challenges that the companies are facing. The results of the survey are published in the SCCI's annual Business Climate Survey (BCS). The latest BCS is attached here; Business Climate Survey 2023-2024.

Global Business Climate Survey - Business Sweden.

Relevant information and support can also be found at the National Board of Trade, Business Sweden and Sweden India Business Council in Sweden.

- Consulate-General Mumbai: www.swedenabroad.se/en/embassies/india-mumbai

- Business Sweden: www.business-sweden.com

- Swedish Chamber or Commerce India: www.swedishchamber.in

- National Board of Trade: www.kommers.se/en

- Sweden India Business Council: www.sibc.se


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