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Memoranda of Understanding between Sweden and India

Sweden and India have entered into a number of Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) within a wide range of areas. The MoUs are of great importance as they facilitate cooperation between the two countries in areas of mutual interest. The MoUs are valuable for public authorities as well as for companies and organizations for implementation of activities within prioritized sectors


A MoU between Ministry of Enterprise, Energy and Communications in Sweden and the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy in India concerning renewable energy was signed in 2010. The MoU aims to enhance the bilateral cooperation concerning renewable energy and promote trade and investments within this area.The Swedish Energy Agency and Ministry of New and Renewable Energy in India are the responsible  authorities for implementing the MoU.
The collaboration under the MoU is proceeding and two Joint Working Group (JWG)meetings have been held in New Delhi.
A biogas project in Delhi is being discussed between the Swedish Energy Agency and the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy and is expected to provide an opportunity to share and enhance the knowledge of the parties through cooperation within this area.
In addition there are several MoUs between Swedish and Indian agencies:The Swedish Energy Agency and Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) in India entered into a declaration of cooperation in 2010, which strives to enhance energy efficiency through exchange of views between the countries and cooperation among companies in the energy sector.
In 2012 the Swedish Energy Agency started a project together with BEE with the three objectives agency cooperation, facilitation of business cooperation and BEE capacity building. The project is divided into three parts focusing on energy efficiency in the building sector, the development of contacts between BEE and clean-tech products and companies, and support to users regarding energy issues. 

The Swedish Energy Agency and Bureau of Energy Efficiency are also partnering in a project concerning waste to energy and between the Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute (SMHI) and the National Environment Engineering Research Institute (NEERI) there is also collaboration in skill development regarding air quality. 
The Swedish Energy Agency, the Confederation of Indian Industries and Cleantech Scandinavian have a MoU since 2012 that aims to promote collaboration between Swedish and Indian companies with a particular focus on innovation. Under this MoU the aim is to establish an innovation platform with participation of small and medium sized companies.


Sweden and India have a MoU concerning environment since 2009. The MoU aims to enhance the bilateral cooperation between Sweden and India with regards to environmental protection and sustainable development. Responsible for cooperation under the MoU are Ministry of the Environment in Sweden and Ministry of Environment and Forests in India.
Under the MoU on Environment a JWG meeting under the MoU has been held in New Delhi, where the parties suggested future collaboration in the areas pulp and paper industry, waste policy, e-waste policy, bio-medical waste management and waste to energy, sewage treatment technologies, climate and air quality control, air and water quality monitoring, environmental issues regarding pharmaceuticals, collaboration on mercury and chemicals in products, bio-diversity and climate change. 


Between the Ministry of Health and Social Affairs in Sweden and Ministry of Health and Family Welfare in India there is a MoU since 2009 aiming to promote bilateral cooperation in the area of health care and public health, with a particular focus on 12 identified areas of mutual interest. Since the signing of the MoU, the Swedish and Indian health ministers and a number of high level officials have had exchange visits between the two countries. The Joint Working Group for coordination of activities under the MoU has so far met six times to discuss prioritized areas of mutual interest and its implementation.
In the area of maternal and child health there has been a number of collaborations between Swedish and Indian organizations with an aim to contribute to reduction in maternal, neonatal and child mortality and morbidity in India. For example Karolinska Institute partnered with Action Research and Training for Health and the Government of Rajasthan on medical abortion. Karolinska Institute, Uppsala University and Swedish Midwifery Association Collaborated with the Academy for Nursing Studies and Women’s Empowerment Research Studies (ANSWERS), Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad (IIMA) and state governments of Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Bihar and West Bengal to strengthen midwifery skills; International Maternal and Child Health, Uppsala University and Ipas India partnered on provision of safe abortions.

In the area of adolescent reproductive and sexual health, collaboration between Lund University, the National Institute of Health and Family Welfare and MAMTA has resulted in provision of youth friendly clinics in the public health care facilities in a number of states.

In addition, partnerships between Swedish and Indian public agencies have been developed. For example: The Memorandum of Intent signed 2011 between the Swedish Institute for Communicable Disease Control (renamed Swedish Public Health Agency) and the Indian National Centre for Disease Control aims to promote cooperation on antibiotic resistance. The agencies have decided to collaborate on antimicrobial resistance analysis, controlled I judicious use of antibiotics, increase in research and development efforts and exchange of knowledge I ideas.
The MoU between the Swedish National Institute of Public Health (merged with Swedish Public Health Agency) and Public Health Foundation of India (PHFI) currently aims to focus on framing a National Alcohol Policy in India through a consultative process with different stakeholder groups. The partners have collated and analyzed alcohol excise policies on tax and manufacturing. 

Promotion of Economic Cooperation

The Swedish Chamber of Commerce in India and iNDEXTb, the Industrial Extension Bureau in Gujarat, and iCreate, an independent organization for entrepreneurship, entered into a MoU in 2012 that aims to promote and facilitate commercial cooperation between companies.

Science and Technology

In December 2005, Sweden and India signed a MoU on Science and Technology. The purpose of the agreement is to promote and strengthen research co-operation between the two countries. Vinnova (The Swedish Governmental Agency for Innovation Systems) is the nodal agency in Sweden for the implementation of the MoU. The MoU has been signed in three languages: English, Hindi and Swedish.

More information regarding Indo-Swedish cooperation in the field of Science and Technology is available here.


A MoU on Defence between the Government of the Kingdom of Sweden and Ministry of Defence, Government of India was signed the 5th of November 2009. The MoU sets out several areas for cooperation between the defence authorities of the parties for the purpose of mutual benefit.
The fourth joint working group meeting under this MoU will be held in Stockholm the 26-27 of May.  

Sustainable Urban Development

A Memorandum of Understanding on Sustainable Urban Development between the Government of Sweden and the Government of the Republic of India was signed the 1st of June 2015. The objective of the MoU is to promote bilateral cooperation between the parties in the field of sustainable urban development.

The MoU sets out the following areas as high priority areas of cooperation: dialogue and interaction and exchange of knowledge regarding sustainable urban development, including (1) sustainable and integrated urban planning and land use; (2) integrated solid waste management; (3) sustainable transport systems; and (4) water and sanitation management.

As to forms of cooperation, the parties have agreed on, inter alia, collaboration between governments and collaboration between research institutions, as well as the arrangement of bilateral meetings, symposia, and other meetings.

For the coordination and implementation of the MoU, an Indo-Swedish Joint Working Group has been set up. In India the Ministry of Urban Development shall be the nodal body for coordination and organization, and in Sweden the Ministry of Enterprise and Innovation shall be the nodal body for coordination and organization.

 Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises

A Memorandum of Understanding on Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) between the Ministry of Enterprise and Innovation of Sweden and the Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises of the Republic of India was signed the 1st of June 2015.

The objectives of the MoU are to develop MSMEs in both countries and to strengthen the business contacts between MSMEs in India and Sweden. The MoU sets out the following areas of cooperation: (1) promoting partnership projects; (2) encouraging exchange of information; (3) stimulating the development of industrial potential surveys to identify opportunities for development; and (4) facilitating the exchange of business missions.

For the implementation of the MoU, a Joint Committe comprising of representatives of, or mandated by, the Ministry of Enterprise and Innovation on the Swedish side and of the Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises on the Indian side would be set up.


A MoU between the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) and the Swedish Board for Space Activities (SBSA, now known as Swedish National Space Board, SNSB) was signed in 1986. The purpose of the MoU is to provide a framework for collaborative activities and for reviewing areas of common interest in space activities and to facilitate the interchange of information, technology and personnel in areas of mutual interest.

30 years after the signing of the MoU a delegation led by SNSB visited ISRO in January 2016 to explore new ways of substantiating the cooperation between India and Sweden in the field of space.

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