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Provisional passport

Emergency passports are issued for one urgent imminent journey only. The passport section will require evidence of urgency and a booked journey when you apply. Before you travel you should check if the country you are travelling to accepts a Swedish emergency passport.

The Embassy will need to see proof of urgency and a booked journey.

The Emergency passport is usually issued the same day but there might be occasions where you need to come back the following day.

The fee for an emergency passport is paid in local currency.
The fee must be paid when you apply. 


  • You have to submit a completed application form. (Can be downloaded here)
  • A valid Photo - ID. If this is not possible you must bring a relative or friend who can identify you. The relative/friend has to bring his/her valid passport.  
  • A valid ticket for your journey.
  • A Police Report or Crime Reference Number, if your passport has been lost or stolen.

For children under the age of 18 the following additional documents are required

  • Swedish ID-number.
  • The child must come to the Embassy with at least one parent/legal guardian.
  • A Guardian Consent Certificate. (Can be downloaded here)
  • If the child has only one guardian, we need to see proof of sole custody.
  • If the child was born abroad, a birth certificate stating the names of both parents must be submitted.
  • The parents/legal guardians must prove their own identity by valid passports or valid photo ID.

Please note

  • All documents have to be submitted in original and the application form filled in.
  • We take biometric photos at the Embassy as part of the application process
  • The Embassy is unable to accept an incomplete application.
  • Parents/legal guardians may collect a child’s emergency passport provided they can identify themselves (valid passport or photo ID).


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